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 Pro-PEACE Assembly (Anti-Bullying)


“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations.
I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Mother Teresa

We believe that focusing on the negative will always produce more negative, even if your focus is in opposition.  Therefore we choose to focus our energies on the positive side.  Hence the name PRO-PEACE. Through inspiration and music we teach the students to recognize the influence their energy is having on others around them.  We challenge them to take responsibility for their energy and to give what they wish to receive.  Together we explore the concept of choice and empower them to discover the endless possibilities of making positive choices.



In the Rhythm of P.E.A.C.E. Assembly

(Black History Month)

An enlightening musical presentation honoring the rich history of the African continent and the diaspora.
With the focus on African Canadian pioneers P.E.A.C.E. looks to remind us of the great accomplishments that happened right here on Canadian soil and talk about Canada’s role in the abolition of the intercontinental slave trade. Musically infused, high energy and informative P.E.A.C.E. looks to inspire youth with its message of perseverance, love and unity. Africa’s history is everyone’s history and should be commemorated as such.

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Specialized Workshops


     Using the power of words, sounds and rhythms we encourage youth to take hold of the great possibilities hidden in their abilities. By engaging youth and inspiring them to take advantage of life’s great opportunities, we make tangible connections with their goals and passions.  
This becomes a means of communication and a way to initiate change in their lives. Understanding the principles of discipline and academic merit we thrive on empowering students to reach for higher potential in the educational system and dedicate all of our material to the pursuit of excellence.
     Drawing on our own experiences and travels we infuse high-energy performances into our workshops and connect with children in a unique way that leaves seeds planted for the future.

For a variety of Workshops Outline Examples, please see below…
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 Workshop Outline Examples


  • Addressing this growing problem in our school systems
  • Using past experiences as a way to warn against the many problems that can stem from not speaking up about ‘bullying’
  • Speak about the aggressive nature of the media and how marketing violence effects everyone
  • That it’s not okay to ‘bully’ people because we have been hurt by someone else
  • Talk about the macho images of men and weak images of women
  • Discuss the lasting effects felt well past adolescence into adulthood
  • The hidden pain the ‘bully’ feels
  • Steps to resolving conflict
  • Fear tactics and strategies


  • Participants are engaged in discussions which help to analyze their methods of communication
  • Breaking down the different types of verbal and non verbal communication and how they are used positively and negatively
  • Listening to and understanding body language
  • Understanding the evolution of media and how it has affected the way we communicate and how it can also lead to miscommunications
  • Acknowledging how important good communication skills are for navigation through society to encourage being heard and expressing thoughts clearly
  • Talk about stereotypes and how the lens of the media portrays communication styles

 Spoken word/poetry: 

  • The history of oral communication and storytelling
  • Learning to allow ideas and emotions to flow freely
  • Generating thoughts and how to properly capture ideas
  • Exploring poetry writing styles
  • Elements of poetry (tone, pitch, rhythm and rhyme)
  • Literary devices that can expand your poetry
  • Methods for overcoming performance fears
  • Projection and annunciation
  • Relevance and meanings
  • Ideologies and philosophies
  • Capturing emotion
  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Individual and group exercises for home and the classroom

rtist development:

  • The 4 elements of being an artist (freestyle, written, performance, studio recording)
  • Channeling passion and talent into art
  • The basics of the industry
  • Marketing and promotion techniques
  • Staying true to yourself and challenging your creativity
  • Originality as the key to success
  • Being a well rounded artist
  • Focus on goals not setbacks
  • Have fun!!!!
  • Being honest with your abilities and your career

 Empathy, diversity and equity: 

  • Looking at the issues affecting us globally and how we can play a role in change
  • Being able to acknowledge the many societal benefits of living in a democratic society
  • Discuss the challenges and benefits of a multicultural country
  • Speak about the meanings of freedom, peace and justice
  • Social order and our moral responsibilities
  • Creating an environment where all are treated equally
  • Establishing individual goals and methods for community involvement
  • Learning to use the circumstances or situations of others as opportunities to grow
  • Not taking for granted to little you might have
  • Look at various perspectives and the steps needed to understand how someone may have gotten where they are
  • Poverty and homelessness

 Public speaking: 

  • Building confidence to speak in front of audiences
  • Being able to connect with your audience
  • Using the elements of humor
  • Being understood and getting your point across clearly
  • Body language on stage and how your audience might perceive it
  • Activities to practice amongst the group and get creative feedback
  • How multimedia can improve your presentations

 Social work and Community networking Through art: 

  • Building upon grassroots organizations
  • Using art as therapy
  • The benefits of getting involved on any level
  • Travelling abroad
  • Volunteering and mission work
  • Sharing knowledge amongst communities
  • Providing links to resources
  • Using culture and diversity as ways to interact positively  

Motivational and inspirational:

  • Journeying within ourselves to unlock dormant potential
  • Staying motivated in challenging times
  • Inspiring and being inspired
  • Tools to rejuvenate unachieved goals
  • Tapping into various power sources
  • Accomplishing set tasks by discipline and a standard of conduct
  • Relating to the desire for success 

 Writing techniques:

  • Exploring writing styles (free write, short stories, essays, novels, columns, blogs, editorials etc.)
  • Ways to brainstorm
  • The benefits from using many different styles of writing
  • Writer’s block
  • Mind clearing and meditation techniques
  • Access the ability to live in the moment and document it for future reference
  • Publishing rights and ownership 

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